Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have been trying to post a video for the last 3 weeks but it won't ever load so I get discouraged and haven't posted anything. So if you want to see this hilarious most funny video on the whole wide web go here. Now I thought I would post a picture of my dog Buster for all of you who haven't seen him yet. He is pretty much the best dog ever for a couple of reasons. I will list them:
  1. He is amazingly cute
  2. Lance already had him trained before we got together so he is well behaved and I didn't have to put up with naughty doggie issues.
  3. He lives with Lances mom 98% percent of the time cause we didn't want to pay the pet deposit for the apartment so I don't have to buy tons of dog food, take him out to go potty, or worry about him barking and bothering the neighbors. 
He is pretty much the best and cutest and most protective dog ever.