Monday, August 16, 2010


This year Lance had a bicycle birthday. I made cupcakes with green grass and chocolate cover peanuts as rocks. Then I made bicycles out of oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, and a chocolate covered orange gummy for a seat. They were good.

This is the armor he wears under his suit. He said he feels like superman. He wanted to wear them to walmart but I told him no. Lol.

This is his flamin jersey and pants.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fire Sky

One day it as really really windy. There are some world renowned sand dunes like 10 miles away from the burg and the wind kicked up a bunch of sand. 

Later that evening, due to the high winds there was a huge brush fire about 50 miles from us. Between the sand and the smoke it was a pretty erie sunset. 

Grand Targhee

For those of you who might not know, Lance got a job at Grand Targhee Resort. It's awesome, he loves it! It is where we usually go to snow board and where we now go to downhill bike (thanks to the free season passes we got as a perk for employee's and their dependents.) This is just one of the beautiful views of the Grand Teton's Lance gets to see everyday on his 
way to work.

At the top of the mountain there is still snow. Like alot. It's warm though 
(as long as there isn't a breeze)

Here is Lance at the downhill trail head. Downhilling is super hard and intense. Its not hard like a cardio workout or anything but hard as in trying to keep control of your bike as your screaming down the mountain trying to avoid rocks, trees, and animals. I wreck alot and I mean alot. I get all bruised up but its still so fun.

Real New Car

So that Mini Cooper is not really my car if you still didn't know. It is my boss's but I did get to drive it from Provo to Rexburg (about a 4 hour drive) I drove the whole way with the top down though and got a wicked sun burn. My bad. This is our real new (old) car. It is a '97 Chevy Caviller. It runs pretty good and Lance averages about 37 mils per gal. whoa. It needed some body work though so thats what we did on the 4th of July (fun fun right.)

Sanding away AND working on my tan. Who says I can't multitask.  I did get a blister on my thumb by the way from sanding so much. 

Here is the crappy hood. We patched that too. 

You can't really see it be thats it all patched and primered up. Yeah we have a two tone car but at least it won't rust through!