Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big News

Well Lance and I have some big news. We are moving. As most of you know. Due to the economy Lance lost his job a while ago. Since then we have been trying to decide what to do with our lives and we have decided that I should finish school. September first we will be residence of 
Rexberg, Id. After I am done with school, Lance will go to school. Wish us luck!

Big Trip

Last week we went on a trip to Utah. We rode Lance's motorcycle the whole way! It was insane. Absolutely the farthest Lance or I have ever been on a bike. 

We saw a buffalo. (don't worry Katie I saw the original buffalo we saw but didn't have my camera out)

We didn't start taking pictures until we got into Colorado. It was beautiful.

Don't worry that I almost made us wreck off the road to get this picture. I told Lance he needed to get as close to the guard rail as possible so I could get the water in the picture. It was kind of nerve racking.

Call me nerdy but I love seeing the different layers of the rocks and thinking of the millions of years it too for them to form. I kept saying things to Lance like could you imagine what it would have been like to be around when the mountains were formed. I really like geology. 

When we started getting out of Colorado and into Utah we came to a horrible horrible realization. Southern Utah is nothing but a hot hot dry dessert. We were burning up. It was unbelievably hot. We could barley breathe!

This makes me think of the old West.

As we headed north it started to get less desserty and more livable.

My family owns a cabin in Weber Canyon and thats where we were going to be staying while in Utah. I love that cabin. Although we were kinda roughin it. We had to watch our 3D movies on the laptop instead of a plasma TV...

When we first got there my niece and nephew wanted to go down to the water so we took them there. There dad specifically told them not to get wet. When I asked them why they were getting so wet and dirty 7 year old Zoe said, "He never said not to get dirty!" and 4 year old Ike said, "Nobody tell my Dad!" They were so fun. 

There are hammocks right by the cabin, but they were getting kind of old and full of holes. Lance and the kids still liked playing on them, 

Even if they got kind of stuck sometimes.

The kids also had tons of fun on the swings with Lance. 

Lance had fun too! 

Zoe, Madi, and Ike played well together. They are all so cute!

How great to be a kid.

These stairs go down the cliff behind the cabin to the water and are a classic part of the Weber. The are getting kid of old and a little scary but still awesome.

Here is Madi moose being and unicorn moose!

The damn and mean dam builder. The river that goes behind the cabin is SUPER FREEZING COLD but everyone always swims in it anyway. Lance built a really good dam this year and raised the water level above my knees and at least waist deep on the kids. It was fun and FREEZING!

All the sisters were were together on the last night we were there so we had too take a picture. This is how we really are. (meaning Rachel looks like a physco!)

This is the beast picture we got on our camera. There are better pics on my moms camera.

This is in Idaho on our way out of town. I was a little chili.
This is Island Park, ID. Just a pretty view.

By the time we got to Montana it was freezing cold! We had to put on full leathers and face masks. I would have never imagined it would be so cold in August.

We drove through Yellowstone.  

We turned our picture quality down on our camera because we were running out of room so alot of our pics from Yellowstone didn't turn out.

Lance's first glimpse of a geyser.

The bog of eternal stench!

This was Lances favorite part. This lake was HUGE! On our way home we drove through the night. It sucked but was beautiful. 

Basically after this we had to put the camera away because it was too dark to take pictures but let me just tell you what happened. It snowed on us. Thats right snow in August. We were in Wyoming riding our motorcycle through a muddy river bed that was a road under construction. It was the coldest I have ever been. Snow in August. I would have never ever believed it. All together we went 3200 mile, 1200 were in 17 hours on the way home. Let me tell you, 17 hours is a long long long motorcycle ride. It was amazingly fun though. I am sure I will be able to sit again some day.