Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

No matter how Lance tries he cannot keep a gift from me until the holiday that its meant for. Last year I got my Christmas present in November, my birthday present in February, and I just got my Christmas present today! In all fairness he really did try to keep this gift from me. We were at the mall last Sat. and there was a snowboard bag that I really wanted. Well I already have a snowboard bag but Lance didn't. He was going to buy it for me right then and there but I wanted to make sure his board would fit into the bag I already had so we would both have good bags. So his board fit, and he went back today to get me the new bag. He called me in a fit and told me that they were sold out of that color so I would have to wait. I was sad but would have gotten over it. Then this evening He was getting something out of the closet in the spare room and I heard him struggling. So I went in to help and up on the top shelf was a Zumies bag. What do you think was in it. I made a little squeal and he said, "NOO!" Oh well. I didn't want to wait anyway.

Here is a close up of the fabric. It looks pink and brown but its really purple and black. My two favorite colors.
Thanks Lance!  I love it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The other day Lance and I went hiking. We first went to Mesa Falls. I've been there before but it was in the spring so I had to hike in through 7 miles of snow. This time was alot easier. The cool thing about the falls is the spray creates its own mini ecosystem. You can kind of see the super green area at the bottom of the falls. I like sciencey stuff so I think thats kind of cool.

It was a paved track all the way down and then nice wooden decks and walkways. Here's Lance admiring the falls.

After we left Mesa Falls we went a little farther north to Island Park and went on a small hike at the mouth of Box Canyon.

Look how daring I am standing on a high cliff ledge. 

The weather was great. I even put on my jacket half way through. 

Don't worry we didn't just pose for pictures we actually did work too.

All in all it was a fun day.

Our New Place.

We really like our new place in Rexburg. It was actually bigger than we remembered when we looked at it. Thats alot better than it being smaller than we remembered. 

This is the front room. 

The Kitchen. I really like it. Its bigger and more open than our old apartment. We are going to get one more bar stool. (sooner or later) The crappy thing is when we came and looked at the apartment the first time there was a table and 2 or 3 bar stools that were left by the previous tenant; rentmaster asked if we wanted them and we said yeah that would be great! I even asked mentioned that we wanted them left in the apartment several times when I talked to them on the phone throughout the following weeks, and they said yeah no problem! Well, they weren't here when we moved in. Oh well. The stools we got are nicer anyway.

This is the bathroom. You can barely see a door across from the elephant wall hanging in the above picture, there is a stacked washer and dryer in there (YES!) The door to the bathroom is right next to that door but you can't see it in this pics.

Our bedroom is also really big even though we don't have a picture of it. The spare bedroom is small but right now its just full of boxes of camping stuff and things like that. But rest assured if anyone want to come visit you may have noticed our couch is a futon (thanks Chris) and I have no problem clearing out the spare room and throwing down an air mattress!