Friday, January 21, 2011

What we've been up to.

So I realize I haven't blogged for a long... long.. long... time. So here is an update. I finished school, quit my job, moved, started a new job, and have been shredding the powder pretty much every day. Thats kind of alot I know but there it is. Yesterday Lance and I both had the day off so we got to board together and it was actually sunny (for half the day). This was the first time for us to see the sun in about 2 1/2 weeks. YEA SUN! We took our big camera out to get some pics of us boarding.

I love the tree at the top of the mountain, they look like they are covered in marshmallow cream.
Here is Lance on the natural 1/2 pipe. He is really good at half pipes. We need to drive over the pass to Jackson Hole so he can play in a real one.
Its kind of funny so see pictures of yourself jumping. I didn't realize I put my arms put like I am flying every time I jump. I guess I am just a free bird.

This is Lance's model pose in the air.

I yell at Lance every time he does this jump. the snow is covering it but its about a 8-10 foot sheer rock face that he jumps off. All I have to say about it is he is psycho.
There are the marshmallow trees again!

Giants in the clouds.
This is such a good shot I think I am going to send it to the Never Summer company for them to use in their advertising. (thats their logo on the bottom of my board.)

This is my favorite jump. Its a spine so you just go up one side and down the other without getting much air but its really fun. Its like a little roller coaster.

Can't beat the view.

By the way...

I graduated college this December. I have had several people call me and ask me so maybe I should make some kind of formal announcement about it. Sorry I didn't send out announcements. While we are on the subject, if anyone needs a graphic designer, I know a really good one. :)