Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adoro cabalgar bicicletas.

Thanks to the Lance being diagnosed with diabetes and us having a lot of time off we have gotten back into riding bicycles. I don't mean hop on a bike and ride to your friends house or to the store, I am talking riding trails with lots of roots and drop off and wash outs. Its hard, but also lots of fun.

This is our bike rack. It says it carries four bikes, but it was kind of a tight fit.

Look at my husband. Doesn't he look so athletic and focused.

Look at my brother-in-law. Doesn't he look like a monkey!

I was pretty focused too. 
(don't worry, I know that camel pack strap make my boobs look good.)

But being focused it didn't really help. I still wrecked. I chickened out half way down the hill and grabbed the break. I didn't go end over end luckily, but my handle bars turned and wrapped up around my legs. I was trying to catch myself but realized it was never going to happen so I just let myself fall and face planted onto the bridge. Isn't Jon being so helpful by mocking me! 

Lance and Chris in their element. Lance wrecked too but their are no pictures of it because we thought it was really serious and we all just dropped our bikes to run over and help instead of grabbing the camera. He was coming down a big sandstone outcropping and when he dropped off one of the rocks and his tire slipped to the side. He kind of went over the handle bars and to the side at the same time and landed on his head and shoulder. Luckily he was wearing a helmet but his shoulder got pretty bruised up, one of his knees got scraped, and he got a goose eggs on his shin. He wrecked so hard that the end of his handle bars cut a perfect circle out of the sandstone. He's tough though. That happened yesterday and we went again today.