Sunday, October 18, 2009

I made chicken pot pie today. It looks good and it tasted real real good. Yummy.

Then we made oreo cake for dessert. It was also really really yummy.

Good job me.
I made this hat for Lance. Except ITS HUGE!! Its crocheted and fleece lined. It looks really awesome except that its a little to big.

Well for the past few weeks I have been every busy.  The company I work for is opening a new store in Provo, UT.  I originally went down there to do some painting around the doors. My boss got the idea from a restaurant in Vegas.  I did designs with bottle caps in the center then dots coming out around them. I think they turned out pretty cool.

This is a picture of the owner riding a rocket ship. Its kind of blurry. I couldn't get it to focus very well.

After the painting I did some graphic work for them. We did alot of stuff in vinyl. These are suposed to represent the walk of fame. We put owners and investors names and names of our pizza on them.

Here is a wall mural I helped paint.

This is the kitchen. Its HUGE in comparison to the kitchen we work in here in Idaho. Its a nice location. Lance has actually been working down there for the past couple of weeks.

This is the pasta bar. Yummy. Lance installed it.

This the an area we call the Back Porch. Its a cute little area.

Lance installed the salad bar.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Early Winter

At first it was pretty when it started snowing in the mountains. 

Then it turned into a WHITE OUT!!

Look how happy he is to be cleaning off my car. Lets just wait a few more months and see if he's still smiling.

It should not be snowing this early. But it will be good for snowboarding though.