Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So as many of you know my cousin Amanda can be a little dramatic in her descriptions. (You must forgive her, she is an English major.) She met someone that was in one of my classes and was trying to give a description to this chick so she would know to say "hey, we have a mutual friend." Well, she said, "Em is the girl that as soon as she walks in the room, you can just taste the attitude. She sits down and doesn't look at anyone. She is the girl that is so cool, you better not talk to her unless you know she thinks your cool." Like I said a little dramatic. Then the chick from my class said, "Wait, did she just dye her hair red?" Wow, I never knew I was that cool.

Emberassing Story

Ok, ok, the story may or may not have to do with urinating outdoors in a semi public place, falling off a cliff, gashing my leg, and then being tough enough play and win a flag football game while bleeding and maybe smelling like pee a little. Like I said. May or may not.