Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis the season FOR SNOWBOARDING!!!

My sister Josie and brother-in-law came to visit Lance and I all the way from Africa. So we took them snowboarding. (what else would we do?)
They were so excited to begin the day.

Josie was a little nervous but she did really good.

With a little help.

We took a break and had some lunch. Don't worry thats the just the appetizer. 
Chili cheese fries. Yum!

Roy did really well too. He looked nervous at first...

But caught on pretty well.

I was really proud of Lance. He did so good today. If you remember the last snowboard blog I did about laughing my butt off at him. He went from not being able to stand up.. actually being able to carve!

So he's still not perfect but he is really catching on.

I had a good time too.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Director.

Christmas Is Coming The Goose Is Getting Fat!

We got Christmas stuff this year!! I love Christmas, Lance is ok with it. We got a Christmas tree this year. I'm so happy.

Isn't it beautiful. I love it.

Thanksgiving is a special time. Jimmy Walker used to say dynomite, Thats right!

We had a real good Thanksgiving up here in the burg.

The Little Red Hen played and intricate part in the success of our wonderful feast.

Who will help her make the dinner?

We had a tasty cheese ball for  an appi-teaser.

I was excited to use all the fancy dishes we got for our wedding. 
( I bought some nice green accent pieces. Good for Thanksgiving or Christmas.)

Who will help the Little Red Hen set the table?
(Do you like the headpieces The Little Red Hen brought for everyone)

What a spread!

Who will help the Little Red Hen eat the feast? ME!!!

(Ok so Kirsten and I did do alot of cooking and Lance and Amanda did alot of good cleaning I just didn't get any pictures)