Friday, February 13, 2009

A new lifestyle.

Just an FYI to everyone. This week Lance was diagnosed with type II diabetes. It is a big deal, but not really a big shocker. I had been suspecting it for a while because I noticed he had several of the symptoms, it was just convincing him to actually go to the doctor. This is the guy who when he was a kid broke his arm and it had a noticeable abnormal bend in it and he wouldn't let his mom take him to the doctor for two days. The most difficult part will be getting used to the diet. No sweets. Lots of veggies. Two things he hates. We are getting used to it though. At first I was really stressed but his glucose levels have been relatively reasonable these past couple days so I feel like I am doing my job right. So if anyone has any advice or tasty diabetic friendly recipes send them my way!


Rachel Teran said...

EMILY. I'm so excited you have a blog!! Can we be friends, please?! Just like old times....

And by the way, you're adorable, and I am going to be an avid reader. Yep.

MarvelousThing said...

Hey Em, I found your blog from Katie's. Happy Berfday :)

Sorry about the diabetes. I had gestational diabetes. Here are some things I learned

I learned that there were some things I just couldn't eat. Like Mashed Potatoes or any potatoes actually. sad. Also, bread for breakfast would make my blood sugar too high, but I could eat bread other times of day and be fine.

watch out for things like hot dog buns which actually count as two carbs (30g) sneaky, aren't they.

also, make sure he washes his hands before he tests his blood. I got a high reading one time because I had been cutting up grapes for my kids and the sugar in the juice on my fingers threw off the reading.

If I had followed the serving size rules and my blood sugar was still too high, walking briskly for 15 minutes would fix it.

lazagne is a good meal that has a surprisingly low carb count.

If I think of more things, I'll tell you :)

Lolly said...

Anything Atkins....ha ha ha I mean South Beach. It will totally lower his levels and keep him super healthy! Works for me sista. Not that I have been doing it anytime recently. But....soon my friend soon!