Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hiking and Biking!

Since there is no more snowboarding we have started hiking and biking. These are a few of the tons of pics we've taken so far.

How do you like my flaming red hair? I like it. Its a little duller now but still pretty bright. It is also shining pretty bright because the sun is setting on it.

This is so cool. It is in Cress Creek in a canyon about 30 min from our house. The light color on top of the rock is not snow, its stone. When a volcano erupted a long time ago the ash flying through the air was so hot that when it landed on this rock it instantly cooled and became this cool smooth stone.

He likes to be daring.

I have never seen a crane in the top of a tree before. That was so cool.

This is a tunnel we biked too close to Mesa Falls. It was the first tunnel for the first passenger train to Yellowstone. It was built to help avoid rock slides on the tracks but even on the first day it was opened the train was delayed over an hour due to a rock slide.

This is on the other side of the tunnel. Note the watch for falling rock sign. It was a really pretty ride. We were way up high over the warm river. 

Unfortunately not everywhere is bikable yet. We still tried and had a fun time slippin and sliding and getting all muddy and snowy.


Rachel said...

What a fun place to live. Maybe you shouldn't move here. It's not quite that nice.

Lolly said...

Red hair huh? Well I can see who your favorite sister is!!! Miss you. Let's get together yeah yeah yeah.