Thursday, July 7, 2011

Randomness from the last few weeks.

Lance handed me a jump drive the other day and said blog about these pictures. So here it goes!

The first three are from when we went snowshoeing and winter camping. It was really fun. We built a snow fort around our tent.

Now thats its warming up we have started riding our bikes again. We got two sweet car top racks for our bikes.

We went on a hike the other day. We didn't get to go very far because there is still alot of snow but about two days later a man got charged by a grizzly with two cubs on this very same trail. Luckily he had bear spray and was able to get away without getting hurt.

Since it is so snowy still we can't do a lot of mountain biking yet so Lance decided if he couldn't ride his bike he would just continue to snowboard until he could ride! How many people get to say that they snowboarded in July. Not me. I had to work :( He has fun though.

Almost every morning there is at least one hot air balloon over out house. It's awesome.

We went out shooting a couple times recently at the shooting range in Rexburg. Its really fun and I am getting better every time we go. Do you like our new holster we got? I do.

Lastly, we got this little pack for Buster to wear when we go hiking so he can carry his own water and treats. Plus it has a handle on the top so we can pick him up easily if we ever need to move him around. We'll see how he likes it on the trail. :)


Jeanne said...

How does buster like the snow? I miss you!

Rachel said...

that pack for Buster is SWEET!