Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Poker Run

For those of you who don't know, a Poker Run is a biker game. Someone, 
either an organization or a charity, sponsors the run. Everyone pays like $10 or so to get a piece of paper with the 52 standard cards on it. The sponsors have a planned route with 4-5 points of interest along the way. At each stop everyone draws a card a
nd it gets marked on their paper. At the final stop (usually someplace to eat) the sponsor collects the papers and finds the highest hand and the lowest hand. They are the winners and get a percentage of the money raised that day. If the sponsor is an organization you keep the money, but if its a charity its good juju to donate it back to the charity. This weekend was the Three Sands Abate chapter poker run. It was a little differe
nt in that we started out as two groups and met in the middle at the fourth stop and then as one big group went onto the final destination. It was pretty fun cause Lance was the Road Captain (leader) of our group. As his passenger I got to make all the arm signals (like left turn, right turn, watch out for road kill, stop etc.) and be in charge of the drawing of the cards. Th
e two groups met at a veterans memorial in Lamont, Ok. There was 53 bikes all together which is  a pretty good turn out. I really like riding in groups but it is also very dangerous. If one bike goes down, all the bikes behind them do too. This weekend for instence one guys oil line burst open and sprayed the guy behind him with oil. Luckily th
e guy who got sprayed was wearing a full face helmet. So when the oil impaired his vision he just lifted the visor on his helmet and was able to mak
e it to the next stop and clean up. Riding in groups is fun but dangerous.

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