Saturday, November 29, 2008

Non-traditional Thanksgiving

So at the last minute Lance and I ditched traditional Thanksgiving to go snowboarding. At first I was kind of sad (remember my earlier Thanksgiving post), but it turned out to be a really fun trip. I really miss snowboarding and it felt really good to get back on the mountain. We went to Red River, NM. Neither of us had ever been here before, (Lance had never snowboarded before), but it turned out to be really cool. The town is right at the base of the mountain so really you could walk anywhere in town, even to the lifts. There was actually a lift right outside our hotel, I mean 10 feet from our door, but that run wasn't open. Red River supplements their natural snowfall with snow machines which is basically all they had, but it wasn't bad. Kinda icy but still fun. Here is a picture of the town from about 1/4 of the way up the mountain.

Lance did really good for his first time. Ever since I bought him a snowboard for his birthday he has been trash talking that he was going to school me and that he didn't understand what was so hard about it... Well he learned. I was so happy to hear to exact same words come out of his mouth that I said my first time I went, "I can't do it, this was a waste of money." He was ready to give up after the first day. He fell 25 times going down the bunny hill his first run. I wasn't much help though, I yelled out tips in between hysterical boughts of laughter. He was going to rent skis and try his luck there but decided to give it one more chance and caught on. He even did a black run. He also learned the meaning of being sore.  Until you do it, you will never know the pain.

Here you can see the edge of the man made snow. Since Lance was just learning I stayed with him the whole time and took it pretty easy. It was a good ease back into it for me. I got to work on somethings that I needed to practice like 180's and riding switch. As a result I'm really not sore. Something that he didn't like cause I wanted to walk around and see the town today and he wanted to lay in bed. I won, we walked around. It was good for him to stretch his muscles though.

Rach and Carson, I looked it up it took us 9 1/2 hours to get here, it take 9 hrs and 45 min to come from Phoenix. Plus look at the name of the forest it is in! We'll meet you here next weekend.


Rachel said...

It's totally a sign! We will have to meet you next time. bring mom to watch Madi, though.

Aubrey said...

Awesome - we went to Red River last Christmas as a family trip. Sadly, I could not ski/snowboard because I was pregnant and since it would be my first time my doctor said no. :(

Josh and Dina Wray said...

Sounds like fun! I am TOTALLY jealous though!