Friday, April 24, 2009

Snake hunt

Well lance, some friends, and I went to Waynoka, Ok this weekend for the annual Snake Hunt. This was my first year to go. It was pretty fun even though it rained the whole time. Basically it is held at Little Sahara state park, which is a bunch of sand dunes, and there are a ton of 4 wheelers and sand buggies and crazy people trying to catch rattle snakes!!

 I guess once they catch them they put them in the...

This is about 10% of all the snakes in the Den of Death. There were TONS of snakes and the craziest thing was the sound because they were all rattling!!

A lot of them were all tensed up and ready to strike all the time. The crazy snake handlers would wave their feet over the top of them and they would strike their feet and ankles! I made some gasping sounds a couple of times because of it.

This guy was like a snake whisperer or something 
because he would just pick them up and put his hands up my their mouths and everything. The other handlers used more cation in what they were doing. 

Pretty scary huh...

I was pretty brave!

Some people weren't so brave...

We actually didn't go out to the dunes cause we didn't think our Harley's would do very good with on the sand. But don't worry, there was a motorcycle rodeo that we went to and participated in. We didn't get any pictures of the events but here is the huge crane and flag they had that was freaking awesome.

There was one thing that happened that was even scary than the snake den pit of death. Like I said it rained all weekend and we were laying in our tent one night and the tornado sirens went off!  What do you even do! We were grabbing stuff and trying to throw our shoes on but luckily, we didn't get swept off to Oz.

You can kind of see the mud path behind me in this picture... the end of the weekend, wit all the rain and all the 4 wheelers with paddle tire going through there, that mud path was about 6 inch deep slop! We sat in our camp chairs for a while and watched people getting stuck. Lance got a standing ovation when he managed to pull both our bikes through without getting stuck.


Rachel said...

I can't handle this! It's like a train wreck... awful to look at, but I can't look away. Are you sure we are related?

Dina said...

RATTLE SNAKES!!!! You are CRAZY! that would totally freak me out...but that's awesome at the same time. Where do they find all those snakes though???

Aubrey said...

That creeps me out just reading it! And you are so brave.