Saturday, May 9, 2009


A couple of weeks ago (I know I'm late on posting) it was our 1st anniversary and we happened to have to have the week off of work. We decided to get on the bike and ride and see where we ended up. Well this was the same week as the rainy snake hunt so I said I wanted to go somewhere warm. We ended up in Corpis Christie. It was really fun. We went to the beach and got attacked by sea gulls. We were eating sandwiches and I saw a bird looking at us. Lance tore a piece off his sandwich and I said, "Don't give that to him, he'll tell his friends." Not knowing how true that would be. 


They felt a lot closer than they look in this picture. I was kind of holding my sandwich out to the side to get the birds to stay long enough for they pic. One of them swooped down and took a bite right out of my hand. I screamed and pulled my sandwich in toward my chest and another on came about 5 inches from my face and snatched the whole thing out of my hand and I really screamed and got up and ran away. Lance made fun of me.

This is looking straight up. No zoom.

Here's my hunky hubby contemplating the meaning of life on the jetty.

Do I look like the little mermaid or what.

I was a genius and decided to check the tidal pools for signs of life. We saw a blue crab...

.... and a real live jelly fish. cool.

It was awesome to watch the pelicans eating fish. I wish I had a quicker camera so I could get them diving.

10 foot tall popsicle anyone?

The world largest sand castle. It was about 2 stories high.

Here is an air craft carrier that we went by. This pic was taken off the back of the bike and I was pretty scared while taking it because we were on a huge tall bridge and I had to almost stand on the pegs going 65 mph. I am very comfortable on the bike, I even fall asleep quite often, but for  some reason I just felt like hanging on tight across that big bridge.

Here is  a propeller that was displayed by the boat. There are two propellers that push that air craft carrier and they are actually about 4 feet taller than that on. Lance was very impressed. Unfortunatley for him it was closed for the night so we couldn't take the tour.

When we got home the big hoopla about swine flu had begun and it seemed we had just left ground zero. Good thing neither of us have gotten sick yet. 


Dina said...

WOW! That sounds like A LOT of fun! I love the pics too! What GREAT little vacation! I love it! Congrats on 1 year!

sharon said...

Did you feel like you were in the movie Birds by Alfred Hitchcock? I would have with all of those birds swooping down on me. All it takes is one crumb and then they think it's a free for all. Can't believe you have been married for a year now. My Young women are all grown up now.