Friday, May 29, 2009

For Memorial Day we went to a local lake. It was about 20 miles from home. We camped for 6 days. One great thing about 6 days of camping is 6 days of beautiful sunsets.

Day 1

Day 2

 You can kind of see our fishing pole leaning against that post. We set out cat fish poles at night with bells on the end to alert us when we got a bite. We kept hearing little jingles but when we went to reel it in we could tell it hadn't bitten the hook. Then when we would finally reel it in all the way, the bait was gone. Our camp neighbors came over one night and gave us a tip; if we wrap our bait in panty hose they can't steal the bait. Well guess what, we did and that dang fish bit a hole in the panty hose and still took the bait! We never caught him. 
Maybe we will someday.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Lance even took a picture of the sunrise for me one morning. Apparently he tried to wake me up to fish for 'the early morning bite' with him and I told him I would rather sleep in. I don't remember that conversation but I don't doubt it took place.
This is Chris and Misty and their baby Claire who camped with us over the weekend. This was Claire's first camp out and her first time to swim. She loved it. Anytime we took her out on either of our boats she would fall asleep.

Here is the fisherman in his element. We caught about 3 or 4 fish everyday but we let
 them all go.

We tubed and kneeboarded. It was super fun. This is Debbie, Lance's mom, on the knee board.

I have driven the boat before, but this was the first time I pulled someone behind me. I was actually pretty proud of myself because that is something I thought I would never do. Lance is pretty good at knee boarding.

He even tried standing on it. It didn't work out so well.

I am pretty good too, but we didn't really get a picture.

Lance pulled me so fast trying to flip me that is about all the picture they could get.

We decided to have a big bonfire on the last night, but we had burned most of the wood that we brought with us. We had a brilliant solution. Go to the other side of the lake where no one ever goes and get some! You should have seen our neighbors faces when we pulled up with a boat full of dead wood. 

We made smores that night and just FYI, it was burning my flesh off to try and stand that close to the inferno for the picture. 

All in all we had a great time, got some great tans, and a great workout tubing and kneeboarding.


kate the great said...

okay, so you need to do this again right now and we will come over and camp with you. It would be sweet!!! Sorry I didn't call about the festival thing, but it was pretty last minute-and at least you had some sweet fun at the lake! So seriously, when works for you guys again?

Aubrey said...

Oooo - that looks fun. I want to go camping and boating. That sounds so nice and relaxing.

sharon said...

AAAHHHH to be young again and enjoy camping. I don't enjoy all of the night sounds much anymore. Your sunset pictures were great. looks like you had a wonderful time!