Friday, April 15, 2011

E.F. Design is open for business!

EF Design is open for business! (If you couldn't tell by the title!) I can help you with any of your designing needs. From business cards to personalized holiday cards and invitations, flyers, illustrations, newsletters, websites, anything! If you have a question on whether I can do it or not, just ask. Here are some examples of my work...

This is a business card created for Pizza Pie Cafe management:

Here is a personalized Holiday Card:

(... I know its not the greatest picture but hey your
lovely family will be there, this one is just a place holder.)

This is a Certificate (front and back) made for Pizza Pie Cafe to distribute in local schools:

I also have training in book making. Send me your information, and pictures and I can design the pages for you and even bind it if you want. My latest project I am working is a road map for a bus company so there is a wide range of things I can help you with. Just don't be afraid to ask! Also in this wonderful age of technology, working long distance is not a problem. Tell your friends!!

Call me if you have my number or e-mail me at

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Rachel said...

I love your logo!