Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fishing in Oklahoma

We went to Oklahoma about a two weeks ago and one of the many things we did
was go fishing.

First off, isn't he good looking. We rode bicycles before everyone else got there.
This is him getting ready.

We had some worms for bait and my nephew Cal kept coming up to me saying worms! worms! So I would pick him up and open the box. He thought it was awesome unless the worms got close to him, or touched him. And of course me being the great Aunt I am made sure they touched him everytime. :)

His sister Madi was ok with holding the worms, unless they started moving.

Our friends daughter Claire was indifferent to the worms.

When we started to fish, Lance was going to "help" Claire by putting one of his fish on her line and letting her real it in, but when he pulled her line out of the water it already had a fish on it! She didn't need any help.

Madi caught a fish too, she was perfectly happy to have in on the line, she just didn't want to touch it. I can't blame her, I don't like touching fish that much either.

Misty caught her first fish!

Carson caught a nasty carp. Plus the fish also had another lure hooked in his mouth with a broken string. He caught someone else's uncatchable fish.
Rachel didn't fish so she just pretended to be one.
Later that night we started to run out of fire wood and carson left with his ax so Chris tried to be nature man cut the log with a rock. Too bad it was sandstone.
We set up some cat fish lines after dark with bells on them and caught this beauty. It is pretty fun to be sitting around a fire and all the sudden a bells rings and everyone jumps up and runs over to check their line. Its like a game.

We had alot of fun. We didn't keep any fish. Don't worry I caught fish too but apparently no one thought to take my picture! Sheesh.

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