Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer Activities.

This summer we have been working a ton, but had a little bit of time to do a few sports.

Lance is really good at bike tricks. Me... not so much. He always tries to get me to lay down on the ground so he can jump over me.
I always refuse. I know he can jump high and far enough (we have done extensive testing with cardboard boxes) but I am still not willing to take the chance.
We also started long boarding this summer.
When Lance and I first got married I had a bad skate board wreck and vowed to never get on a skate board again. Somehow Lance convinced me that long boards were completely different than skate boards.
It's pretty fun.
Although later that afternoon I did wreck on my long board and now have a freckle free circle on my shoulder.

And of course, Lance got in a lot of down hill biking!

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katie-bo-batie said...

I suck at bike tricks. You should come visit me, and Nate and Lance can jump their bikes over each other while we watch! I miss you cousin